Visiting Hershey, PA Part II: Hershey Park








Day two of our spring break trip was visiting Hershey Park, the amusement park of the Hershey attraction complex.  I have been to many amusement parks-Disney, Universal, Six Flaggs, Busch Gardens.  My assumption of Hershey Park prior to going was that it was going to be small in comparison to what I was used to.  The day prior I had taken a trolley tour with Hershey Chocolate World and saw the outside of the park, which looked rather small from the outside:









Let me just say that when we got into the park, it far exceeded my lowered expectations. 

I was thinking we’d be done with the park halfway through the day, but that was definitely not the case!  We came on one of the “Spring in the Park” weekends.  I guess you can call a soft opening because they didn’t have all of live strolling entertainment they will have starting the official season opening in May.  But it was truly a blessing going on this weekend because the park was so empty! 

We were little kids again.

The weather was sunny and gorgeous.  The whole first half of the day we experienced virtually no lines.  The hubby and I kept repeating that being at the park reminded us of what amusement parks were like when we were little.  It wasn’t too crowded.  You didn’t have to wait in insane lines to get on a ride, buy an ice cream, or struggle to find a place to sit to eat decent food.  The roller coasters were all classic and reasonable for my family to ride.  There weren’t death-defying rides that would make you pass out while waiting in line.  It was really quaint, classic, and timeless.

There was a relaxing monorail ride that went around the park and even took you outside the park to pass the real Hershey factory.  It was interesting to see the place where 900 Hershey are made a minute, leading to 33 million a day!









An added bonus that I wasn’t aware of was the addition of ZooAmerica included with your admission to the park.  This is basically a zoo within the park.  I’ve been to many zoos and was scared this would be a sad collection of animals in cages.  However, I was impressed with the variety and opportunity to see the animals so close.












Here’s a lynx, which my hubby kept calling “a cat with devilish horns”.  Looks so cool!












This is me in comparison to the average heights of a polar bear and brown bear.  I don’t stand a chance!

I would have taken more pics, but the hubby told me to keep my DSLR at the hotel so we could just enjoy the day.  That is definitely what we did folks!


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