A Scope Goes Where?

It has been a while since I have blogged.  The primary reason is because I am in the planning stages of moving my blog to become self-hosted.  I want to change the blog name, but can’t figure out what said name should be.  So since I’m still stuck, I decided to make a few posts to catch up in the meantime.  By the way, any suggestions for a name?  I’m so stumped!

Where did we leave off?  Oh yes, I was about to have surgery.

And that I did.

This is a pic of me about an hour after having a hysteroscopy.  A hyster what?  A hysteroscopy.  In our efforts to get my PCOS symptoms under control, my reproductive endocrinologist suggested I have a hysteroscopy to see what is actually going on with my lady parts…adhesions?  polyps? endometriosis?  The procedure included inserting a scope just like in a colonscopy, taking pics, removing any polyps, and performing a dilation and curretage.  It’s pretty routine and minor surgery, but it was my first “surgery” ever.

Don’t I look sleepy?

The hubby took pics of me in the hospital, but upon review, I look like a hot mess.  Not something I want to immortalize online.  Let me just say that propofol gives you the BEST SLEEP EVER!

Once in the OR, I remember the anesthesiologist telling me he was now going to give me the “good stuff” a.k.a. propofol.  I could feel the burn in my IV.  Within seconds I remember cracking what I thought were jokes regarding propofol and Michael Jackson.  But all I got in return were blank stares from the OR team.  I must have been 90% to lala land.

Next thing I know, I am in recovery.  Amazing!

So afterwards, my hungry hubby insisted we eat breakfast somewhere quick.  So above is me chomping on my dessert, apple pie.  The restaurant we went to had a special running where everyone got a free slice of one of their pies.  I think I almost fell asleep in mine.

So if you are wondering what the results of the surgery were, I received them a few days ago.  Everything was good.  Several polyps were found near the opening to my left ovary (my only active ovary, if you can call ovulating maybe a few times a year as active).   Pathology reports indicated everything was benign (whew!).  Other than that, I passed with flying colors.



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