My First Oyster Roast










This weekend was my first oyster roast.  It was a fundraiser at the beach to support the school system.  I was fortunate enough to receive a ticket as a gift from my administration.  Last week we had our accreditation review and I served on the committee. 

So what is an oyster roast?  I Googled to educate myself:  Oyster Roast FAQ and Etiquette Guide from  I was ready to have to shuck oysters and get my hands and nails all gritty and fishy smelling!

But no, it was a very swanky event.  The above was the already plated raw oysters you could pick up from the food line with ease.  Totally makes sense since hundreds of people were at the event…what was I thinking???!  Raw oysters you ask?  I ate it.  I liked it.  It was delicious!








I also ate this.  Yummy!








Took this picture with my coworkers and Mrs. Emily Tilley (directly to my right), who was a very respected teacher, coach, and administrator of the school system.  She coached field hockey and had a 98-2-7 career record.  She also was the first female administrator as well as the first female principal for the district.  She’s an amazing lady and she is still as active in the school system as ever!








Great music was provided by the band Butter.

There was free beer, food, wine, and hawaiian ice (nice!).  It was a great event and I hope the Virginia Beach Education Foundation raised a significant amount to support the schools and students!


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