Happy St. Day Patrics!







This is what greeted me on Saturday, March 17, 2012.  My youngest had drawn this on her dry erase board as a celebratory sign for the family.  I love her!

On St. Patricks day my oldest ran her first “race”…it was a one mile race to benefit Operation Smile.  It was crazy crowded!  I believe 4,500 students registered for the race.  If you add their parents, it was like the scene from War of the Worlds where everyone was trying to escape.








I was so proud of my daughter!  She ran the mile in about 9 minutes!  Made me think I should start running again so that we could enjoy races together.  Maybe I can get my butt and muffin top in gear to run a 5K by the fall?  After the race, we hung out at the beach and I took pictures.  Unfortunately, in my urgency to try to capture great pics, I didn’t realize how close I was getting to the water.











I saw this girl and asked if I could take a pic of her tatoo:  “WTF?  Where’s the Finish?”  Gotta love it!









Afterwards, we went to a friend’s birthday party.  But before then, I took a pit stop at the local Books A Million to catch a glimpse of The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.  I love, love, LOVE her cooking!  She came for a book signing for The Pioneer Woman Cooks:  Food from My Frontier.  I was introduced to her book by a friend who absolutely is the best cook!  Everything she cooks tastes like it is from heaven and should be served to the gods.  She said most of her recipes came from Ree’s first cookbook.  The Pioneer Woman Cooks:  Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl.  I initially joked her and asked if she cooked all of it in her backyard in a whole in the ground after milking her cow.  But I soon ate my words when I caught on to Ree’s blog and tried recipes first hand.  Simple yet amazing!











Unfortunately the line was crazy long (wrapped around the store and even up the walls).  So I didn’t get a chance to meet her.  *sigh*

All in all…what a lovely day!


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