Drowning Out My Chicken Self in Food











Although this post only has pics of food, don’t let it fool you.  This delicious, delectable meal was a mechanism to relax and unwind after getting prepped for something I’m very chicken about…having surgery.  It’s nothing super serious, but a rather basic, routine, and quick outpatient surgery.  But yes…I’m very “pee in my pants at the thought of” the whole thing.

So this day I left work early to have a preop appointment for a hysteroscopy.  What is that?  Basically it is like a colonoscopy, but for your lady parts.  For the past 3 years my husband and I have been actively trying to have a third baby.  After about two years of trying, I found out I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  The PCOS is what was keeping me from getting pregnant.  In order to get my lady parts acting like they should and still give me the opportunity to get prengnant, I was put on rounds of femara, metformin, then clomid.   Nothing has worked in either 1.  getting my lady parts to act normal or 2. getting me pregnant. 

At this point, I just want my lady parts to work so I don’t feel terrible anymore.  I am in pain often and have terrible lethargy.  I totally feel that there is something crazier going on that I want to fix.  Getting pregnant will be a blessing, but I really want to not be in pain anymore.  So the doctor has suggested I get an hysteroscopy, so she can look in their with a tiny camera probe and check for polyps, adhesions, you know…any shady and suspicious characters.  She’ll cut and scrape anything that doesn’t look right to get rid of it, and possibly send it to pathology.

The whole thing should take 15 minutes and I’ll have concious sedation.  So I will be awake through everything, I just probably will be loopy and not remember.  I’ve never been under any kind of mind altering anything beyond a bad concoction of jungle juice in college or way too many tequila shots.  I hadn’t even had an epidural during either of my two pregnancies.  So I’m freaking a little bit out.

I am hopeful and thankful that the procedure will help me find some answers to all the issues I’ve been having.  Hopefully it will be more than answers, but a resolution.

So after the preop, I had lunch with the hubby at a fancy wine restaurant that we know we’d never be able to go to with the kids.  Meatballs, crabcakes, and pina colada cake helped calm the chicken that was trying to bust out within me.

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