Date Day With the Hubs

Just as frequent as an equinox…I got to spend a date day (mostly) with my husband!  Love him…











As we get older, every picture starts to look like a realtor picture.

Our day started with celebrating the 20th wedding anniversary of one of my husband’s coworkers.  I had never met him or his wife, but the whole event was so full of love.  It was full of great gospel music, loving reflections from family and friends, an uplifting sermon and an emotional vow renewal.  Simple and classy.  One of the lasting sentiments of the celebration was “May your latter be better than your past”.  So cheers to you hubby…may our days ahead be even better then the ones we’ve left behind!

We had a fundraiser party/dance directly after for one of our friends who has just become a Freemason.  We had a good 45 minutes to spend between the events.  So we quickly stopped by a nearby wine tasting bistro for a quick glass and quiet time.











Me and my Pinot Noir….but I’ve concluded I am a fan of generic table wine, which is just a hair off from Welch’s grape juice.

We can eat fast..wolf down if you will.  What was supposed to be just a glass a wine and a fancy schmancy cheese platter turned into this:











Chevre wrapped in prosciutto with roasted garlic.























Reese’s cup bread pudding a la mode…this was AMAZEBALLS!

Lesson Learned:  Don’t forget to take advantage of the time you have with your adult loved ones too.  Even if you have 45 minutes to squeeze in, you can do something extraordinary.  Like eat amazeballs food.


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