Flowers…for me?…at work?











I’ve had many work “firsts” that I can scratch off my bucket list.  These firsts range from the conventional (starting programs at a school, recognition, yeah, yeah, yeah..) to the unexpected (finding the sheriff looking for me to serve me a subpoena…will have to save that story for another day).  However, this past Friday, February 9, 2012, I got one of the biggest firsts I never ever thought would happen at work…I received a delivery of flowers (See above.  Aren’t they purty?).

So my reaction when I got called down to the office and I saw the bouquet sitting on the counter:  WTH???  Even after the office associates started screaming out “ it your birthday (no it wasn’t)?” and “You’re husband is so sweet! (that he is, but you see this random act of kindness is totally atypical for him)”, I still was in complete shock.  My husband is the best, but sending flowers to me at work is something we’ve discussed before.  I don’t like the attention of private matters at work and neither does he.  So just as my heart started to melt at the sight of the lovely flowers from my hubby, I looked at the card.

My name was misspelled.

Say what?  Then I opened the card, and in it there was a typed message:

Just thinking about you.

That’s it.  Nothing else.  No name.  Just that creepy message.  All of a sudden I was freaking out.  The office associates were totally looking at me with a mix of suspicion and “she-crazy”.   So I immediatley went back to my office and called my husband.  If they weren’t from him, I was going to throw these in the trash, shave my head, and hide under a rock.

So what did my husband say when I asked him if he sent me flowers?

He said “Yes”.

Exhale.  Cry.  Then get mad because the card seemed myterious.  Then he explained.  The florist who he called did not seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.  The hubby had repeated the spelling of my name over and over.  Then the florist cut the call short as soon as she got the “Just thinking of being creepy” message.

So I shall scratch that off of my bucket list.  I love my husband so much!


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