Eggs Baked in Avocados


Thanks to my cousin Marni who found the recipe online, this morning I had eggs baked in avocados for breakfast!  So yummy!








I tried to follow the recipe exactly, but already from the get go I couldn’t find my cast iron pan.  So I used a broiler pan instead.  I also underestimated the size of the avocado pit and should have carved out a little more of a home for the egg I cracked into it.  The consequence was an avocado overflowing with yoke on the side.  So I tried to position them “yin-yang” style and that helped the situation a little bit!  I sprinkled salt, pepper, a little bit of garlic powder, and paprika on top.

When baking, I started with 10 minutes, then another 10.  The egg spilling over the side was totally cooked and the stuff on top of the avocado was not.  So in my impatience, I set the oven to broil.  Only took a few minutes more to cook from that point.  I think I should have been more patient because my version looked a bit more charred due to broiling.  I think I would have wanted it a tad softer.

The end result:








Once out of the oven I drizzled with a bit of siracha sauce (hot!).  I accompanied it with toasted English muffin w/butter, and several slices of blood oranges.  I can see how the egg and avocado can be a good base for different relishes on top (maybe I’ll try that later!)  I loved it!  Great way to get started for the day!  The hubby actually ate it too and liked it.  Note, that he hates avocados.  He said the seasoning, egg, and setup made the avocado taste more like a starch.  Let me know if you guys try it!


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