My Flashback to the 80’s











Yes.  This is me in junior high in the 80s.  I just showed this pic to my 7 year old and she immediately said, “Mommy.  Were your teeth jacked up?” sweetie, those are braces.

At the beginning of the 80’s I had started kindergarten.  By the end I was about to start high school.

Needless to say, the 80’s marked a significant chapter of growth in my life.  I can make a whole soundtrack strictly from 80’s music that reflect milestones from child to teen.  Chicken pox?  Oh that was Hall and Oates’ “One on One” (Now I realize that song is rather sexual, but I remember it playing constantly on the radio while I lay in bed scratching).  Watching my first horror movie, The Amityville Horror, and being scarred for years to come?  That was Quarterflash’s “Find Another Fool”.  First shopping trip when I bought my first purse (which was a huge white leather adult-sized purse that covered half of my teeny boney body at age 11)?  That was Expose’s “Come Go With Me”.  There are a million others.  Don’t ask me why I’ve made these specific associations, but they exist. That is why I was so excited to attend a recent concert of The Legwarmers, an 80’s tribute band from the DC area.  Here’s their “totally rad” promo video:

To pregame for the event, the hubby and I went to the Salvation Army to look for 80’s gear to wear.  We soon realized that with it being 2012, it is not common to find items from 25 years ago.  We were so excited to come across this, thinking it was a “Members Only” jacket.  But it was “Street Moves”.  Nice!










So here are the results of my 80s transformation:











Me and my sister:  Venezia shirt (I know!), scrunchie courtesy of my 7 year old’s gymnastics outfit, armband courtesy of my 10 year old, denim mini-skirt (sorry…that’s Old Navy, not Bugle Boy), and unfortunately, I didn’t get legwarmers, but I did wear the hubby’s crew socks and pull them all the way up!











More fun!









The hubby and my brothers-in-law.  We determined my hubby is the love child of Bill Cosby and Clark Kent.







We bumped into so many of our other friends.  Everyone was dressed up and I felt like had taken a leap back to 1985.  There were tons of Don Johnsons, every version of Madonna from all of her videos, Run DMCs, Aqua-Net supported bangs and hair, neon, off-the-shoulder shirts, and fishnet stockings.  If you lived through the 80s and enjoyed it, the Legwarmers are a must see concert.

It was really fun feeling like I was at a junior high dance again.  There is something about being in a room full of people who all of a sudden look like everyone from 25 years ago.  Shocks the system, but should be done at least once in your lifetime!


3 thoughts on “My Flashback to the 80’s

  1. the 80’s for me….was jr high and highschool days. not a pretty site to look back on via pictures…the hair, the clothes, yuck : ). however, the 80’s are coming back….my girls have the legwarmers which they wear over their jeans and underneath their boots and my son wanted a members only jacket this past christmas. crazy huh? between the hubby and i we had all of it. i guess we should have saved them. haha!

    have a great weekend!

    • I’m sure you looked pretty cool! Did you master teasing your bangs high up to the sky? Yes, I totally see the 80s coming back! I’ll adopt everything again…except for shoulder pads…eww!

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