12 months of Me-January

For 2012, I started to brainstorm a 365, 52, or 12 project for myself.  365 sounded way too ambitious, so I started thinking about 52.  Eh eh…just as ambitious. Okay 12 sounds like a good number.  I saw lots of year long project ideas on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.  I decided on 2 different projects that I’m developing on my own.  I saw lots of great photography projects, but I started to get stressed thinking of the “challenges” they’d give me each day, week, or month.  *Anxiety attack*  Since this project is supposed to foster growth rather than heart palpatations, I decided to keep it more simple.  I will introduce the second “12 project” in a later post once I fully get it underway.  The first however, is all about me.

Say what? 

Since I got my DSLR a few years ago, I’ve gotten better at taking photographs…of everyone else.  I’ve noticed that when I pass the camera to my hubby, my child, etc. to take a picture of me, the results are usually the same:  fuzzy, out of focus, off-centered, bad exposure.  Ever since I had kids, I’ve noticed I’m always absent from pictures.  I take them of the hubby and the kids.  Just the kids.  But me with anyone?  Rarely.  And the problem is exacerbated now that I tote around a DSLR with me.  In the beginning, I used to shy away from photos.  Being a new mom, you get self-concious of the weight, fatigue, dark circles, and sudden onset loss of fashion sense.  However, I’ve learned to realize this is absolutely STUPID to think this way.

Why?  Because when you are gone from this world, the children you love and want the best for, will be cherishing any photo and momento of you.  This is why I have the blog.  This is why I am going to do a “12 Months of Me” project.  Yes, I’m going to take a picture of myself every month. So at the end of the year, at least for 2012, my kids will have a portfolio of their mother at age 37.

Oh..and if you are wondering.  I had to take this pictures myself.  HEAHAE!!!

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2 thoughts on “12 months of Me-January

  1. LOVE this project idea, Lani! I committed to doing the 365 challenge and so far I am on Day 21. Some days are really tough to find inspiration but then I remind myself that the whole point of the project is to document a full year of our (my family’s) lives. It’s not about award winning photography or skill- they’re memories. More importantly MY memories. So…with that said, go for it! Say “cheese” and enjoy this photographic journey. Your kids, husband and loved ones will appreciate it long after this time has passed. 🙂 P.S. I am going to borrow this idea- perhaps after I finish out this year first. Lol

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