2012…pairing Moet, er Martinelli’s,with Little Mermaid

It is New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012.  So weird to type that!  I have to say, this new year has gotten off to an amazing start.  Amazing because I really feel I’m starting it on the right foot.  I’m not angry, depressed, complaining…I feel like I’m in a good place.  Geez, that sounded pretty psychotherapeutic.  In a nutshell, I’m ready to continue the positive momentum I’ve had since the latter half of last year and permanently steer myself on the right path (crossing my fingers that it is uphill, not downhill).

So how did I start my year off?  In my usual manner, with my husband and kids.  I have to preface everything with the explanation that my hubby’s family has the tradition of making it mandatory that every member of the family is present in the house at exactly midnight.  Cool huh?  Yes, if you are 5.  But the tradition was maintained well into my hubby’s adulthood.  So let’s just say my hubby and I are not used to celebrating New Year’s Eve MTV-style with lots of peers, loud music, drinks, and slurred speech.  Bummer?  Not so much.  Our own family tradition is to now have a slumber party with our kids on NYE.  We pick a room in the house (in the past it has been the family room, play room, and this year…the guest room.  Knowing my family, one day we’ll all decide on the kitchen…brrr!).  But first, we always celebrate with our families, of course, through food.

New Year’s Eve we had fancy lunch with my family.  A few hours later we had fancy dinner with my husband’s family.  By 7:30PM, our eagerness to go home and fall asleep was disrupted by a pleasant surprise from our kids.  They told us to change our clothes into anything green.  When we left our bedroom, we found this sign:











Before entering the guest bedroom (which is where the sign was directed to), we found this other sign:











My oldest had prerecorded a video on the iPad getting me and the hubby “hyped up” for New Year’s Eve (a commercial if you will).  We entered the room and found the guest room decorated for a NYE party:









No, this isn’t the costume set for Gnomeo and Juliet.  The girls had stacks of party hats with stickers to decorate with.  Here is my decorated hat:











Our lovely buffet of grapes and strawberries.  Yes, those are Little Mermaid birthday plates.  The wine glasses were apparently for the Moet and Martinelli’s sparkling cider we had.  We like to keep things classy around here.









The kids planned tons of activities.  Including a guessing game which involved post-its and squeezing kid-size headbands on my head.  The word I had to guess was “lamp” (pardon me, the pic was taken in a dark room w/my cell phone).











My favorite activity though was creating envelopes of our summaries of 2011 and wishes for 2012.  We decorated an envelope as a family with “2011” and wrote all of our favorite memories, accomplishments, etc. of the year and dropped them in the envelope with a picture of the family.  We decorated a second envelope with “2012” and each of us wrote our wishes for each other for the new year.  We voted to seal it up and not read them until next NYE.

To top the evening off, we are fortunate to have tons of neighbors that disobey the fireworks laws and produce their own fireworks spectacular in their backyards:











2012 is off to a terrific start!

Lesson Learned:  If you can’t quiet yourself enough to enjoy simple moments with your loved ones, you aren’t experiencing life to the fullest.


2 thoughts on “2012…pairing Moet, er Martinelli’s,with Little Mermaid

  1. What a great NYE! My mom’s bday is NYD so for my whole life we always had to be home before the clock struck midnight. If we still lived in Jax, we would have done the same. Family time is the best. Glad your 2012 is starting off beautifully! 🙂

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