Breakfast of Champions: Filipino Champorado

Someone please stop me.  For the past 12 hours I’ve eaten 5 bowls of this already!

Champorado is a classic filipino chocolate rice porridge.  Normally eaten with a side of fried fish, I have only had it as a breakfast (think of a chocolate substitute for oatmeal) or dessert dish.  My mother used to make this all the time and when she did, I saw unicorns and rainbows!  The recipe below is how she used to make it-sweet, with lots of coconut milk, bittersweet chocolate, and evaporated milk…nom, nom!  Other recipes I’ve seen only use plain water to cook the sweet rice, which I can see could compliment fish pretty decently.  However, the version I have below is practically a dessert.

Disclaimer:  I’m a cook and not a chef.  My mother passed away when I was 18 and I basically go by my memory of how she cooked it.  The measurements probably aren’t exact.  So don’t blame me if it isn’t as fab as mine!


1 c. sweet rice (NOT regular rice…you should be able to find this in a filipino/asian market)

1 can coconut milk

evaporated milk


bittersweet baker’s chocolate (1 large bar or more according to how chocolatey you want it!)

Directions:  Boil the rice in water (usually the amount is double, but I just eyeball it…sorry!).  When most of the water has cooked into the rice (and the rice is cooked!), pour in the can of coconut milk.  Break the bittersweet chocolate into pieces into the mixture.  Stir to melt into a soup and take off of heat.  Ladel into a bowl, sprinkle sugar on top to taste, and drizzle evaporated milk on top.  Eat and enjoy!

The real trick here is to use bittersweet chocolate. The darker the better!

When I eat this dish, I totally think of my childhood.  I’ve had champorado outside the home and it has never tasted like my mom’s recipe.  Hope someone out there finds this just as delicious as me!


3 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions: Filipino Champorado

  1. i love champorado! however, my dad who is the champorado maker uses oatmeal instead of rice and hershey’s cocoa and i’ve gotten so use to the oatmeal style that i forgot what it’s like with rice! he doesn’t add coconut milk but that sounds really yummy. i may have to try it sometime!

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