Birthday cupcakes? no…candy cane reindeer!

My youngest has the fortune of being born on Christmas day.  That was not her original due date (um…hello January 10th, what happened to you?).  However, all the stress of finishing a grad class, working full time, preparing for christmas, and lesson planning for my maternity leave was way too much for my body to deal with! 

So my daughter always gets to bring her birthday treat right around the time when her class is doing their holiday party.  We’ve done cupcakes, Christmas goodie bags, etc.  This year, due to the evaporating money in our bank account this holiday, we decided to do candy cane reindeer:

I was so happy to find a simple and inexpensive treat to give.  Obviously the candy canes can be easily found for 99 cents for a box of 12.  I got one pack of multicolored pipe cleaners from the dollar store as well.  The red pom pom noses came from AC Moore for a little over $2.  I tied the pipe cleaner onto the candy cane and wrapped each “antler” around a pencil multiple times to get the corkscrew effect.  The pom pom was glued on with craft glue. 

I would have glued on eyeballs (also found from the craft store), but the ones I had at home were way too big.  …and I didn’t feel like buying new ones…heahea (lazy)!  Maybe next year.


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