Kickin’ Off the 2011 Holiday Season…at a work party

This past weekend I went to the hubby’s work holiday party.  So much fun!  I have to preface this post with explaining that I work (and have always worked) for the public school system.  Decadent holiday parties are a foreign language to us (actually…anything decadent is an alien concept to schools).  Holiday parties consist of the staff cooking breakfast for each other in the school cafeteria.  I have to show up by 6AM in order to be able to eat before work starts. Door prizes are non-existant. Entertainment, if we’re lucky, includes some generous volunteer strings students willing to wake up a few hours early to play during the breakfast.  And to set the tone of ambiance:  We turn the lights out in the cafeteria and eat by candlelight.  It’s actually a warm and nice celebration.  But it is a total polar opposite to the parties of my husband’s workplace.  So for those that work for large companies and are used to decadent holiday parties: Don’t be judgy.  Let me relish in my childlike wonder please =)










The centerpiece at my particular table was a tower of goodies from Harry and David.  Unfortunately, everyone at my table left to go dance on the dancefloor at one point.  When we returned we found someone had snagged it!  Boo!










Festive decor…










Couldn’t stay away from the dessert table.  Included was a cheesecake bar!

As I am writing this post, I realize I didn’t take many other pictures.  A good thing.  I must have been enjoying all the treats too much:  Tons of door prizes including iPads, iPod Touches, flat screen TVs (my hubby won a $50 gift card!), open bar, Starbucks coffee bar, photo booth, delicious buffet including the best shrimp and grits, karaoke room, and an awesome live band. 

I have to mention, I consider the live band awesome because they performed a mash up of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and Cisco’s “Thong Song”.  Yes, it can happen.  And it was good.

The only regret I have for the evening…forgetting to wear my Spanx!

Lesson Learned:  When you are trapped in the poor-economy-no-raise-for-6-years-but-more-work bubble, it is hard to think that employers may still want to treat their employees well.  Surprise, surprise!


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