Bravo Stars and Cooking Demos: Two Birds Killed with One Stone

This weekend I had the opportunity to scratch two things off my bucket list at once:  Meet a star from one of Bravo’s reality shows and watch a celebrity cooking demo.  Anyone who knows me fully understands that I thrive off of Bravo (totally proud of that).  It is basically what I watch for entertainment.  Otherwise I’m watching the news.  Why?  Easy. Television. To. Digest.  After a long workday, I don’t mind seeing people compete by cooking amazing food, design a gorgeous dress/home, or okay…fight ghetto-style when they make millions of dollars!

I’ve also always wanted to attend a Food & Wine Festival.  Last year my hubby and I started plans on taking a couples trip to Miami for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival.  We were able to scrounge enough money for airfare and hotel.  But when we saw the tickets for events we pressed on the breaks.  We decided to wait until we could actually afford at least one of the “big celebrity chef” events.  Right now we could afford a wine tasting from someone pulled off the streets!

So this weekend there was an Italian festival with cooking demos from Teresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey (her husband Joe was in the audience) and Fabio Viviani from Top Chef.  It was a ticketed event that I found out about at the last minute (so glad I bumped into that poster).  The cost wasn’t that much at all, but surprisingly it was a very small intimate event.  They set up a tent with tables that felt like an italian family restaurant.  So gorgeous!

Teresa came in wearing a chef’s coat, but she barely did any cooking!  I think her demo lasted 5 minutes and the rest was Q&A!  Have to say she was very charming and everything she said/responses to questions were exactly like her individual interview responses on the show.   You just can’t help but adore it when someone keeps saying “ingredientses” and “beauty has to come from without”! 


Her husband Joe recorded her whole presentation.


Fabio showed how to make homemade gnocchi…so easy!  At least it sounds so easy.  Think I’ll try it this week.










He even came out into the audience so we could get a good look at what the finished dish…yummy and smelled so good!








Me and Joe Giudice.  Taking this pic of him was like leaning up against a stone statue…he is one solid muscle!








Me and Teresa Giudice.  After we took the picture her hair got caught in my bracelet!  Fortunately I didn’t pull any of her hair out and there was no table flipping!








Me and my favorite Top Chef, Fabio Viviani….he is soooo hilarious!  He needs his own show.









Me and my autographs.  If you look at the one from Fabio, he totally jacked up my name when I was spelling it out to him.  But that is okay =)  He was so apologetic.  At least I have a little story about it…

Lesson Learned:  Meeting celebrities is not overrated.  …oh and italian cooking is delicious!


3 thoughts on “Bravo Stars and Cooking Demos: Two Birds Killed with One Stone

  1. I think an event like this sounds more fun than the the SBFW fest! Love the photo of you and Chef Fab! With his natural charisma, I agree that he deserves his own show. Don’t worry though – no doubt you’ll still make it to a fabulous Food & Wine Festival soon! 😎

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