I’m going to see Oprah!

Well, at least I hope I get a good view of her.

Let me exclaim it Oprah style:  “I’m GOING TO SEEEEE OOOOOOPPPRRAAHHHHH!” (screams, squeals, head exploding)

It’s a done deal.  I have purchased my ticket, hotel, and airfare to Oprah’s O You! conference this fall in Atlanta…and Oprah will be there!  Along with Gayle King, Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, Lisa Ling, Nate Berkus…and all the other Oprah disciples.  Going to the Oprah show was on my bucket list.  Since the show has ended this is the next best thing.

I can’t declare myself as an Oprah groupie.  That would be a lie.  I watched her show…the episodes that interested me.  Never read a book club book (well, not as a result of the book club).  However, one thing I know for sure is that I have 100% been in awe of her philosophical vision to elevate humanity.  In particular, I have always been inspired by her passion to motivate everyone to learn and to educate themselves about the world and about themselves.  I think it is the teacher in me. Inspiring others is not an easy task.    She has done this so flawlessly in the hopes for positive change of paradigm.  Inspiring a class of students is not easy, let a lone a room of adults.  To be able to inspire the masses as she has done is remarkable.

Her plight for education for all children touches my heart.  All children deserve knowledge.  They need more than academic content, but also understanding of global humanity.

And can I add that I severely “boo-hooed” at the the United Center show where the hundreds of men of Morehouse College who received scholarships from her came out in a procession?

So yes, it is my hope to witness some of the Oprah effect first hand.   I hope to be inspired.  Be introspective.  And to learn.


Lesson Learned:   Seek opportunities to learn.  It may be expensive, but it is an investment in yourself.


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