Becoming a Reader Again

It has been a while since I last posted…not without valid reason.  I currently have a lot to do at work as I am managing some major projects that have to start and finish within a two week time frame.  If you watched Oprah’s Season 25: Behind the Scenes, I totally feel like her producers when they were putting together the celebrity-studded finale episodes at the United Center!  Puke, headache, tired…

So amidst the hysteria and anxiety, I’ve been looking for a new challenge for myself.  After taking my kids to a usual trip to the library, I decided to get a piece of enjoyable reading for myself.  Usually when I go to the library, I get books for learning:  do-it-yourself, geeky computer texts, history of..  However I usually don’t get literature.

I was an avid reader as a kid.  I always had a book by my bed.  That is how I fell asleep.  I loved reading.  It was a chance to go into a fantasy world.  A chance to dream and experience the unimaginable.  However, when I got to high school…started taking harder courses, APs, etc., I stopped reading for pleasure.  My priority was to get good grades and focus for college.

I’ve had several attempts in my life to recapture my love for reading.  In my 3rd year of college I took a Studies in Fiction course that focused on gothic and sensation novels. We read Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, Interview with a Vampire.  It was interesting. But no, it did not rekindle my interest in reading.

After I got married and moved to a small military town, I was bored and had a lot of free time on my hands after work and in the evenings.  I read the Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing.  Eh.  Wasn’t that great.  Then I read 4 Blondes because at that time I was really addicted to Sex and the City and thought anything by Candace Bushnell would be just the same.  Eh, Eh.

Then I got pregnant, had a baby and barely had time for anything else.  During my kids’ toddler years, I tried “sure things”- Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code…  Never finished either.  I blame that more on lack of sleep and energy rather than content.

Then about 4 years ago I purchased Pillars of the Earth at a used book sale they have at my school every year.  With my history of reading, why in the world would I take on a book that is 983 pages?  It turned out I couldn’t put it down. Believe it or not…I finished it within a week.

So I was back on the reading train again, right? Somewhat.  My sister urged me to read Twilight and I went through that in a weekend.  I loved it.  Reminded me of reading Sweet Valley High novels in junior high.  So I continued reading the rest of the Stephenie Meyer series.  Finished them all like it was my job. But then afterwards, another several years of a dry spell.

So here I am, trying to get back on the train.  I went to the library and decided to start with a biography.  I’ve always wanted to read a biography.  I looked at the scant collection at my local library and came across Julia Roberts:  Her Life by James Spada.  The copyright date is 2004.  Oh well.  Let’s try it out anyway.










Surprisingly, it is pretty interesting.  Her childhood is rather surprising considering her bubbly and happy persona as an adult.

So here’s my new challenge…

I’m going to try to keep up a pace of reading books back to back for the next two months.  Any suggestions for “must reads”?  I can’t afford to buy new books, so something I could potentially find in the library would be fab!

Lesson Learned:  If at first you don’t succeed, try and try (and try and try) again!


8 thoughts on “Becoming a Reader Again

  1. Hey girl ~ I am an avid reader and Bookcrosser. How would you feel about me passing some books along to you? I just read 2 awesome books (I pinned them on my Books I Love board on Pinterest if you wanna read what they’re about). I would be happy to send them to you. I don’t need them back, all I ask is that you “log” them when you are finished and either leave them for another person to find later or pass them to someone directly. (Chk out for details). Let me know! Always exciting to share books with another book lover. 😀

    • @TessaTweets oooh! maybe i can swap some books with you when I see you next month! I saw you posted about The Art of Racing in the Rain. After reading the synopsis I suggested it to my coworker whose dog died several months ago, and she misses him terribly. Good suggestion or did I just set her up for jumping out a window?

      • Absolutely! Want me to bring the books along with me then? I don’t mind mailing them if you want them sooner. 🙂 Let me know! No perfect suggestion for your friend- not going to lie, she will boo hoo through it, as I did (and both my dogs are still alive)…but the twist at the end makes it ALL worthwhile. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. I loved it so much I actually emailed Oprah and tweeted to Oprah, Sherri Salata (one of her producers) AND Nate Berkus (just in case since he helped get “The Help” to the big screen). As far as I know, all of them are dog lovers too so I hope they consider my request! I almost want to start a petition about it! Haha Tell me what your friend thinks about it when she finishes reading it.

  2. Well of course as we have discussed, The Help…I will try to think of other suggestions, keeping in mind you don’t like dark books. 🙂 Did you redesign your blog, or is this something new? I see the archives go back quite some time but I don’t think I ever knew you had a blog like this! Looking forward to more!

    • @Hungrigyrl I hear The Help was amazing (as a movie), so I know the book has got to be good. I think my friend has a copy. Thanks for the suggestion! And thanks for not suggesting anything dark! I don’t want to have an anxiety attack while reading.

  3. The Hunger Games series was awesome! The Help, Finding Salvation at the Dairy Queen, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (Really good!)

    Pinning your “wants” on Pinterest is a great way to keep track of what you want to read when you see it.

    • @mamamash I hadn’t thought of using Pinterest as a way to keep track of my reading interests (even though that is a default category right?). Thanks for the advice! I’ll check out your suggestions! I think I don’t know how to pick books anymore. I normally read the synopsis and think it sounds great, then find out it was poor literature. Oh if only Judy Blue and Beverly Cleary wrote books for adults…

      • I just started posting my books on Pinterest too. I am addicted to that website but so far I’ve spent more time perusing other people’s boards vs filling mine in. I need more hours in the day to do that! I posted both the books I mentioned earlier. Currently I am reading “The Reliable Wife” by Robert Goolrick. It’s so good! I can’t put it down! I will pass that along to you too when I finish.

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