10 Hour Work Days Are Bucket Busters

I am writing this post from my phone…from my bed.  Why? Because for the past two weeks I’ve been working 10 hour work days, with fridays off.


Not so much. Since starting this schedule, I’m finding myself exhausted, overextended, and mentally fatigued. I am running on vapor and gas tank is on E.  Even worse is that I haven’t been able to sleep well.  I think I’m averaging 4-5 hours a night. There is so much going on at work, I don’t think my brain can turn off.

The worst part of it all is that I come home with little energy to do anything fun, even with my kids.  I’m used to coming home  from work and immediately heading out with the kids  and hubs for some fun. When the weekends roll around, I don’t have the drive to do anything “buckety”….no crossing off the list. It’s rather a vegetative state.

I have one more week of this schedule. Oh lordamercy!


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