Day 31: Reflections of Relentless Blogging

Today is the last day of my mission to make a blog post for every day for a month.  I have to honestly say…I’M SOOOOOO GLAD THIS DAY IS HERE!!!  I admit it.  I’m not good at consistently blogging.  If you notice, I ended up “catching up” on blog posts all in one shot.  It was very difficult to find the time to post on a daily basis.  Life was happening.  My kids don’t sleep early, and they wake up when I do.  So I wasn’t too happy about contemplating, planning, and writing out a post when my kids were up and raring to go. 

The good thing is that it made me exercise my thoughts on blog posts.  I think I’ll be more consistent with my blog from this point forward, but I don’t think I’ll naturally blog on a daily basis.  I don’t know how some people do it.  But I’ve learned that if I’m going to make a post, it better be of substance. 

Lesson Learned:  Challenge yourself.  Commit to it.  Even though you may not eventually think it was initially a good idea, you’ll find reward in personally accomplishing your goal.


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