Day 29: 11 Years to Celebrate While Babysitting Kids

Today was my 11 year wedding anniversary!  In 2000, my high school sweetheart and I finally tied the knot after dating since 1992 when we were seniors in high school.  This man is my best friend and my heart.  Most of my friends think it is amazing that I have dated my husband since I was a teenager.  When I look back at it, I feel fortunate that we’ve been able to grow together as we’ve matured into adults.  People don’t understand it, but we feel that we were totally different people in high school, totally different people in college, totally different people in our 20s, and so on.  It has truly been an interesting and fulfilling journey so far. 

So how do you celebrate 11 years of marriage and 19 years together?

That’s the tricky part.  For the past few years, I totally don’t think life’s fortune has led us to get used to celebrating our anniversary.  To celebrate our 10 year milestone last year, we were determined to do something amazing-a weekend trip by ourselves to Miami.  So last spring when summer was approaching, I started to make plans.  However, we ended up making plans to go to Disney with my bestie and her family since she was getting deployed to Afghanistan.  Because the trip was Disney, which means it was the cost of several months of mortgage payments, we decided to postpone our anniversary trip to the winter.  When winter rolled around and bank account depletion from Christmas prevailed, we decided to not pursue a trip. 

So hear we are at year 11.  We took a family trip to S.C. a few weeks prior and were able to sneak in a few date nights to celebrate.  But on the actual wedding anniversary day, we spent taking our kids and their besties to the zoo.  Since they were staying with us, we obviously couldn’t do anything in the evening. Funny thing is, it doesn’t bother me so much.  I guess my “love tank is full”…or rather brimming over (that was a Real Housewives of Orange County reference…cringe!).

One day we’ll be able to celebrate our anniversary, on the actual day, just the two of us.

Lesson Learned:  It is important to make time to celebrate you and your spouse’s milestones.  However, it is even more important to live every day of your lives together as a celebration. 


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