Day 25: Build-A-Bear, Break Your Wallet

Today we went to the mall to celebrate my youngest’s tooth falling out last night.  Actually, we were spending the money the toothfairy left her, $20.  I know, I know.  I’m saving that for another post.  But it wasn’t me…it was my husband!

So we decided to go to Build-A-Bear for the first time.  Of course both of my kids wanted one.  They have money that they save and earn, so they had plenty to spend.  I limited them to $40 total.   However, I got sucked into the “I don’t want you guys to leave here with naked bears!” trap.  So shoes, shorts, shirts, and pajamas later, I was getting rung up for $80 at the register.  Holy Jamoly!  The kids spent $40 and so did I.  Oh well…it was an experience I think they’ll remember, but probably not have again (Sorry Build-A-Bear!). 










Lesson Learned:  Toys are freakin’ expensive, overrated, and lose their novelty.  I pretty much have done a good job not getting caught up in this, but sometimes it’s okay to splurge if you can. 


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