Day 22: I Implore Everyone’s Advice on Starting a Vegetable Garden!

I won’t lie.  Today we didn’t do much.  Again, the heat wave made it miserable to go out.  I think we went out to run a quick errand, but that was it.  We stayed inside and hung out.  I did however, manage to pluck 2 of tomatoes off of my one tomato plant I’ve been trying to grow since this spring.  I finally have 2 to harvest!  They were quite small though.  However, it was more than enough to make my favorite relish with food:  chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic, vinegar, and pepper.  In this case I used jalapenos. 

Oh, and where did I get jalapenos?  Just as I was ready to proudly show my husband my harvest of 2 small tomatoes, he came walking through the door with a bag full of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and banana peppers that was “surplus harvest” from a coworker’s garden.  Hmph!

So I implore everyone and anyone to send me your advice on starting a vegetable garden.  How should I prepare the soil?  What vegetables need what?  What is easy to grow and how?  Please, please….I’m embarrased here!

Lesson Learned:  Gardening is not that easy.  You can’t expect to stick something in the dirt and expect it to grow. 


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