Day 20: Mini-golf in a Heat Wave

Like most of the country, Satan is on the weather map and the heat index is at ….basically it is at crazy level.  In the south the humidity is insane and makes you feel like you can’t breath!  Even worse, it makes my naturally wavy hair unbearable and I begin to channel Howard Stern.  My kids were itching to get out of the house, but they didn’t want to do anything related to the pool or beach (maybe because they got their fill from last week’s vacay).  So we decided on miniature golf.  There was an indoor mini-golf place probaby 20 min from my house that I had heard of, so I thought it was the perfect idea.  However, I called this morning and they said they had closed the mini-golf portion 2 years ago and were now a recreation rental company.  Soooo….with the next nearest indoor mini-golf center about 45 min from my house.  We decided to try to squeeze in an outdoor one before lunch.  I was hoping the heat wouldn’t be that bad at that point.  I thought wrong!  We went to a jungle themed mini-golf place.  We had never been there and I enjoyed seeing the plastic animals amidst the tropical foliage.  I was glad I could sit in the shade of a giraffe or behind the butt of a rhino to stay cool.  Needless to say, we finished our game and sped home to stay inside!

Lesson Learned:  If there is a heat wave going on, listen to your meteorologists and stay indoors!  That’s probably the one thing they are pretty accurate about.


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