Day 19: My Determination to Make Wall Art Out of Shells

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Whenever we go on vacation somewhere that is not “amusement-parky” (okay, I meant Disney), I have made it a tradition to bring something back home that can be used as an art piece in our house.  I started this tradition on our honeymoon in the Caribbean.  I mustered up the strength to go up to one of the street vendors and negotiate the price of a handmade item.  We got a wood carved vase that is about 2 feet tall.  So for our visit to Charleston, I had heard about the handmade sweetgrass baskets that you can purchase in the Market area.  Ay yay yay…VERY EXPENSIVE.  I think I the cheapest I saw was $20 for a small hot pad.  But everything was $50 to upwards of $200 and more.  So I had to cancel on the sweetgrass weaving idea.  When we got to the beach on the first day, I noticed it was covered in TONS of shells.  So I told my kids to help me gather shells to make an art piece.

So now I’m in the dilemma of what to make with it.  We brainstormed and put them into shapes to make some wall art.  I’m still perplexed as to what to do.  I liked the seahorse.  I liked the dolphin.  Someone suggested I make a crab.  Any suggestions?

Lesson Learned:  Make art to make a memory of life.


One thought on “Day 19: My Determination to Make Wall Art Out of Shells

  1. How awesome is this?! I am so not visually creative. I had more to write in this comment but I got distracted by the food photos over there. —–>

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