Day 18: Day of Rest…although it was Monday

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This was our first day back from vacation.  So of course, as a mother with a family, what do you think I was busy doing today?  Laundry!  I had about 5 loads of it.  I had washed a lot of clothes at the resort, but something about traveling makes me want to disinfect everything once we get back. I almost feel like sticking our suitcases in the 100+ heat wave I know we are having this week!  So instead of boring you with the details of my unpacking and cleaning, I thought I’d leave you with a slideshow of some of our favorite pics while staying at the Wild Dunes Resort

I didn’t write much about the resort in previous posts, but I do want to express how beautiful I thought it was.  It was the perfect family vacation.  If you are ever looking for a way for your family to relax and spend lots of quality family time together, this is the place to accomplish it.  We’ve done many vacations in Disney World/Orlando, FL.  But I have to say, this place was like the happiest place on Earth for us.  Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Everything is in walking distance.  We were probably a 5 minute walk (no less) from the “core” of the resort which included restaurants, the spa, a market, tennis courts, pools, and …the beach!  There are places to stay at the center of the core, but I liked the price range we were in for the villas.

2.  It is quiet and not crowded.  This is one of the things I can’t stand about Disney.  It is so crowded.  You can see lots of kids crying, families exhausted, etc.  There isn’t too much stimuli to give you a headache here.

3. Lots of recreation for the family.  As resort guests, you can 1 hour of tennis every day for each bedroom.  There are also 3 resort pools (one for doing laps) and a pool for every villa area.  So we just had to travel to our back yard if we wanted to dip in the pool.  There were organized resort activities like family bingo, movie night, shaggin’ and dancing on the plaza, magicians at the restaurants, etc.  There were golf clinics, tennis instruction, aqua aerobics, yoga, bike rentals, fitness assessments, etc.  Even more exciting, there was an on-site recreation office that had a whole array of excursions you could add on to your visit including jet ski rentals, eco-tours (which we did!), parasailing, surf lessons, fishing, crabbing, boating…the list goes on and on!

4.  Eating at the resort was delicious.  You didn’t have to resort to eating hot dogs and hamburgers.  They had it all.  From fast food to fine dining.  So delicious!

5.  The resort itself is BEAUTIFUL.  I felt like I was on Fantasy Island from the moment we got there.  Tons of lush tropical vegetation and palmettos.  Gorgeous place to take a walk.

So I think we may put this place on our list of family getaways that isn’t too far away.  All I can say is that I definitely hit the reset button.  I really needed it.  This was a stress-free vacation.

Lesson Learned:  Sometimes you all you need to hit the reset button in life is to spend quiet time with your family.  Make sure your family vacays include time spent interacting and enjoying each other.  Just because you are physically together doesn’t mean you are accomplishing quality family time.


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