Day 16: Eco Tour to the Barrier Islands

Prior to reading this post, you must take a look at my pics of this place in my Flickr set!



Today we took an Eco-Tour at the Isle of Palms Marina to Capers Island, which is famous for Boneyard Beach.  We took a pontoon boat and toured all over the intercoastal waterway.  The tour guides were fabulous in teaching us about ecology of the marshlands off the coast of South Carolina.  We stopped to pull up crab pots and were able to see blue crabs, stone crabs, etc.  My kids even got a chance to hold baby crabs that were about 3 cm long!  After the 30-40 minute educational boat ride, we landed at Capers Island and were given about 2 hrs to go exploring.  Capers Island has Boneyard Beach, which is appropriately named so because much of the palmetto trees and other trees have died from the exposure to the salt water.  They said the coastline is receding at 15 feet a year.  The whole barrier island is a S.C. wildlife preserve, so it wasn’t populated with hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.  It was pretty untouched.  There were tons of sea shells!  If you like welk shells (look a little similar to the pacific’s conch shell), you can find tons of them here.  We also were looking for sand dollars.  However, we didn’t find any.  I think if we looked harder and had more time, we would have found some.  It was just such breathtaking scenery to take in.  The beach looked like something designed by Tim Burton.  When we got there, all of the trees were partially under water.  Within the hour, the tide moved out and the trees were exposed on the sand.  It was such a serene environment.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  I had such a great time soaking all of this in.  I almost missed the pontoon when it left!

Lesson Learned:  Our Earth is a beautiful planet.  Take time to show your kids the wonder of it.  Most importantly, teach them to take care of it.



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