Day 15: Our Feeble Attempt at Becoming Ghost Hunters

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Today, rather tonight, my husband and I had the chance to take a ghost tour of an old jail in Charleston.  They said Charleston is one of the top 3 most haunted places in the nation?  We had heard that the jail was made in 1802 and had a history of “residents” from the Civil War and even pirates.  My husband is a major fan of all ghost reality shows and has a dream to participate in one of them.  I guess that is on his bucket list!  I knew we had to do this!

We did the tour with Bulldog Tours which is right in front of The Market in downtown Charleston.  We were told to meet at the Bulldog Tours office 45 min in advance.  When we got there, we found that we needed to be that early because it could take 30 minutes to walk there.  They mentioned 6 blocks away, but it felt more like 12.  Keep in mind that we chose our tour to be at 9PM.  We wanted to be going through the tour at night to increase that creepiness factor.  So we were walking down this random blocks and alleyways in the dark.  That probably was the most scary part of this whole experience.

When we finally got to the jail, we found it was right across the street from the projects.  There were many others in our tour group waiting over there.  Some where smart enough to just drive and park right in front of the jail.  They prefaced the tour with “By day this jail is used by an art college that is studying restoration.”  So with that remark, the hope that the building was “so haunted we can’t use the building for any purposes” was obliterated.  The tour started and we first circled the outside of the jail.  The bulk of the tour was telling the history and the stories of what happened in the jail when it was active in the 1800s.  Pretty interesting and some of the tales were quite disturbing.  Then add the fact that we were walking within the jail in the dark with only the tour guide’s flashlight to guide us…I was uncomfortable and uneasy.  My husband on the other hand was not flinching at all.  He normally forwards through the back stories on the ghost shows to get straight to the part where they are looking for evidence.  Ghost tours just aren’t like this.  I told my husband that what he was looking for doesn’t exist.  I don’t think any company has enough insurance to let people spend the night in a “haunted” building looking for paranormal activity.

Lesson Learned:  I’m not a ghostbuster.  I like to respect those on the other side!


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