Day 13: Poogan’s Porch and Wild Dunes Resort

Today we arrived at the Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, SC (just outside of Charleston, SC).  The drive was fairly easy and only took 7 hrs.  My husband said his threshold for driving was 8 hours, so we were good to go.  I was looking for a change of scenery, a new experience, and something affordable.  We couldn’t afford to fly anywhere, so I had to look within an 8 hr radius!  I found Wild Dunes Resort.  It is the perfect family beach resort vacation.  If you read the next 5 posts, you’ll understand why!

When we got to the Charleston area, we decided to go into downtown and eat at one of the amazing restaurants in downtown Charleston.  Charleston is the culinary capital of the south as well as one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.  We were going to eat at Hyman’s Seafood, which was way tooooo crowded!  My dad was with us and we knew we couldn’t wait in a long line.  It was a good thing because when we found a parking garage, Poogan’s Porch was right across the street.  Our lunch was delicious, had fresh ingredients, and was a nice introduction to low country cooking!  You can read about my meal on my foodie blog, Spoon on the Groove.  I was so glad we ate there because by the end of our trip, all of the locals had told us to stay away from Hyman’s (they referred to it as a tourist trap!).

We got to the resort to find that the accomodations were very comfortable, well-decorated, and very spacious (much needed for my family!).  I booked a 2BR villa through Expedia just the week before.  During my research, I kept finding the villa to be the same price on all of the travel sites.  However, on the day I decided to book, Expedia dropped the price by about $50 compared to all the others.  Thank goodness I acted fast! 

We spent the remainder of the day checking out the resort, got some ice cream on the boardwalk, checked out the grounds, and collected shells on the beach (forgot the kids buckets, so they threw them in a purse…yes…it was a SANDY purse afterwards!

Lesson Learned:  Sometimes the alternative is actually better than what you are hoping for.  Go with the flow of life.  You are led in certain directions for a reason!


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