Day 12: Pack This Ship!

Today was devoted to errands and packing for our trip to Charleston, SC.  Nothing major.  I don’t want to bore you with the details of me heading to Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, K-mart, etc. I used to love pack when I was younger.  However, since I now have two kids and a husband to pack for in addition to myself, I procrastinate so badly!  My hubby packs for himself, but what got me this time, is that I knew we were going to have a full kitchen on our vacay.  So that meant I had to strategize on what food to bring, what food to buy there, and what meals we needed to prepare to help save money.  It was grueling…particularly because my family prefers home-cooked meals.  I knew I couldn’t just throw a box of cereal in the trunk.  My family would go hungry!  So what did I pack?  My rice cooker, rice, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt and pepper, canned spam and vienna sausage (the filipinos out there understand this)….all this for our breakfast meals.  Grossed out?  We’re not.  We know we’re going to eat well!  I totally remember my mother packing a pot of chicken adobo and hot rice (in the rice cooker) whenever we did road trips.  I would be so embarassed as a kid when we’d stop at a rest area and look like we were at our kitchen at home with a pot in the middle of the picnik table, rice cooker, and rice spatula.  One time, we were set up at a rest area just as described above.  Then a Japanese family came by to the table next to us.  The mother pulled out a foil package for each family member.  They opened it up and inside were individual servings of rice and whatever dish she had made.  When they were done, everyone threw away their trash and headed back to the car.  My familiy on the other hand, had a bunch of dirty dishes!  So we learned our lesson.

Lesson Learned:  On vacation, pull out all of the stops to feed your family.  If they want hot meals, and you can do so, do it.  Hot food is much better than anything out of a box.


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