Day 11: Park time with the Kids

Today my long-time friend Verna and I took our kids to the park.  We are determined to get our kids to bond.  Verna is the godmother to my youngest and I am the godmother to her oldest.  We were pregnant at the same time and had our kids just a few weeks apart from each other.  With both of us caught in the “baby zone”, we struggled to be able to get together.  Most moms with babies and toddlers know that playdates turn into organized times where the moms stress out, barely have conversation, and are sometimes quarantined to rooms to nurse, change diapers, or settle a child down.  Now that our kids are older, it is easier to really schedule play times.  We plan on having a “camping night” in her backyard with the kids in the fall. I love them so. =)

Lesson Learned:  If you have a godchild, be the god parent you are supposed to be for them.  It may be hard to fit time in, but it is important to them…even at a young age.


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