Day 9: From 1st Birthday Party to Graduation

Today we went to the high school graduation party/birthday party of our lovely family friend. My husband and I have known her parents since high school and were at her 1st birthday party.  It is surreal to see that she now has graduated high school.  It made me realize that life moves awfully fast.  I think I still see myself as a kid.  We’ve known most of our friends around here since elementary or junior high.  We’re all growing older together.  It is events like these, that remind us that life is moving forward and we may not be realizing it.  The party was held at a community center which was were many of us had Christening parties, birthday parties, sweet 16s, graduation parties….on and on.  It was quite surreal.  About 20 years ago we were all there doin’ the running man and roger rabbit.  Hairspraying our bangs to get them as high as we could.  Now WE were the parents and there was now a whole slew of young high schoolers dancing to LMFAO and doing the dutty wine.  Of course the DJ at this party was the same DJ who often did our garage parties growing up.  Rightfully so, he threw us oldies a bone and played Debbie Deb, Tribe Called Quest, Rob Base among our other fan favorites from back in the day.  And yes, us older folks were dancing while the younglings rolled their eyes and laughed hysterically.  That’s when I realized…I am THAT Auntie.  You know, the one that still thinks she’s cool and young.  Oh well.  Before I sign off, I must leave you with the gratuitous filipino party food pic…Yum!

Lesson Learned:    Witnessing the milestone of someone else can remind us of how much we ourselves have progressed.  Life moves fast.  Take those moments to reflect on the past.


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