Day 6: Despedida to the Grandparents…going back to the Philippines

The bulk of my day really didn’t consist of anything more than waiting for my sister’s car to get fixed and tending to a depressed 10 year old.  My in-laws returned back to the Phililppines early this morning and my oldest was so heart-broken.  They retired in the Philippines almost 3 years ago and are absolutely loving it there.  Unfortunately, when they come to visit the U.S., they stay with us for a few months and my kids get so sad when they leave.  Last night we had our “despedida” with just the family.  We hung out at my brother-in-law’s pool and made smores in the firepit.  They miss their grandparents.  I’ve noticed as my daughter gets older, it is harder and harder for her to say goodbye to them.  It was easier to distract her when she was younger.  All I can do is rub her back and let her cry it out when she needed to.  I offered ideas like making a new framed picture of her grandparents for her bedroom, a picture album of their vacation here.  I also reminded her how much healthier and non-stressed they are retiring in the Phililppines…and that we will see them again.  It’s not goodbye…just see you later.  How do you handle a depressed child that misses their grandparents?

So as a consolation, I took the kids to Dunkin’ Donuts, which to our surprise, now had a Baskin and Robbins within it.  So of course we had ice cream instead.  Ice cream can perk anyone up.  My favorite is mint chocolate chip!










Lesson Learned:  There is nothing like the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild.  It is vital to embrace, support and nurture that or you’ll do a disservice to your kids.


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