Day 5: Impromptu Day with My Dad

I started my day having to deal with my sister’s car that wouldn’t start.  She got stranded over the holiday weekend at a grocery store.  Because everything was closed, we had to wait until today to do something about it.  We tried jump starting it twice with two different cars.  We even bought one of those external battery thingys and it didn’t work. So the poor beast had to get hauled away for surgery (needed a new starter).

Having to wait turned into an impromptu daddy daughter day for me and my father.  Usually I have my kids with me all of the time.  However, since my in-laws were leaving to return back to the Philippines the next day, I knew my kids needed a last day to spend with them.  It was really nice to have quiet time with my dad.  We indulged in Starbucks in the morning.  It was his first Starbucks coffee and first time going into a Starbucks.  My dad is stoic and very into “straight talk”.  So he came in professing his disinterest in all the Starbucks hype (keep in mind that it was prime time for tons of people with laptops working or studying!).  He didn’t understand why there were so many people just hogging up tables doing work.  He proclaimed “They are going to go brankrupt with all these people taking up tables and not really buying a lot!”






My overpriced breakfast.









Here I am “makeupless” and enjoying the day.  Ahhhh…

My dad and I later enjoyed a healthy organic lunch at a Turkish restaurant due to my insistence.  I think I must have been from Greece, Turkey, or Armenia in a past life.  I absolutely love, love, love mediterranean food!  My wrap with kale salad, taboulleh, chicken curry, and hummus was divine! 










Here is my sweet dad enjoying his lentil soup and lamb.










I love my dad =)

Lesson Learned:  Spend quiet time with your parents into adulthood, without your kids.  Ask them how they are doing.  We often get caught up with our own lives once we have kids and change the focus on them for the entire family. 


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