Day 3: Lived out Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” Video

I am fortunate enough to say that a pool now exists in my family circle.  Not in my own house…no way.  My backyard is small.  My HOA doesn’t allow privacy fences.  And most importantly, I don’t have the money for it!  My brother-in-law just recently had a pool put in his mammoth backyard (trust me, with the giant pool, and shed/mini-house, you can still fit a full basketball court there).  So to celebrate Independence Day, my brother-in-law had a backyard BBQ/pool party…reminiscent to Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” video.  Music blaring, people laughing, kids running around, dancing randomly, conversations flowing, food everywhere.  Here I am with my sister getting ready to dig into the food:

My BIL’s pool goes to 8 feet deep.  I can’t swim well.  I can swim with my head above water for a good amount of time and I can maneuver myself.  I also can float on my back and swim underwater.  But never, NEVER, have I mastered swimming while blowing bubbles.  This is what is holding me back from finally feeling comfortable in the water.  I’m hoping my child can teach me how to swim.  It has been my goal to turn my kids into fish so at least one of them can either teach me or save me one day.  One day…one day.  And when I master it, I will post!

An extra special bonus to the party is that my BIL’s backyard has a perfect view of the City Park where they had a fireworks show.  So we got to watch the fireworks will in the pool…awesome.  Freakin’ awesome =) I stole this pic from my mother-in-law.

Lesson Learned:  As women, we are so self-concious of our bodies…especially in bathing suits.  Don’t wait until nighttime to get in the pool and don’t cringe that you buy a bathing suit that is a larger size than you thought you needed.  Be proud of you.


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