Day 2: Always time for a mojito

My ultimate plan today was to catch up with some of my girlfriends for dinner.  I don’t do that too often.  And if you are a typical working mom who has other friends that are working moms, SAHM, etc….you know that it is impossible to coordinate time to do this.  I guess subconciously I started pregaming and had a mojito with my delicious sopes for lunch!  Mojitos are my favorite drink behind wine (especially James River Cellar’s Chamborsin!).  I couldn’t resist.  It gave me a nice buzz after a little shopping excursion for field hockey sticks for my kids. 

So later in the evening I had sushi with some of my long-time girlfriends, her sisters, her sister-in-law, and several more friends.  If you are a mom, working mom, SAHM, etc…you know how hard it is to get together and coordinate schedules for some girltime.  Here is a pic of me and Verna, with me especially enjoying my pineapple upside-down martini (soooo delicious!).






There is nothing like spending time with girlfriends.  The night’s conversation started with planning a family camping trip for our kids to “bond” to our differing opinions on yoga instruction.  For the record, I do appreciate the “closing remarks” of all my yoga instructors.  I relish the “me time meditation” and some outside person reminding me to take my positive energy harnessed during class and use it for powers of good when I leave the gym.  Namaste!

Lesson learned to moms:  Make time and take time to stay close to your girlfriends.  Especially the ones that knew you when you were still figuring yourself out, and stuck with you regardless of who you turned out to be!


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