Day 1: Got my uterus x-rayed

Okay, so today was not a good example of taking my summer by storm and livin’ it up.  I started the day off right with waking up, cooking breakfast for the family, and then heading out to yoga for an hour.  We used the blocks, straps, wall, and did headstands.  Yes, and I’m still a beginner.  But I have to say it was pretty cool sprawling my arms and legs on the wall upside down like I was a spider or something!  I cooked a mexican lunch for my family and in-laws when I returned:  pozole soup and carne asada…yum! And I created and ordered some photo gifts for family.  Not too bad for getting all the above done by 1PM.

However, I did have yet another wonderful trip to the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) already scheduled for today.  I saw my RE earlier this week.  After a year of being on Femara with no luck, my RE wanted to do an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) x-ray of my uterus to check for blockages.  After looking at the progress all year, she said my right ovary has not been producing any follicles at all.  My left has been producing 1-2 follicles each cycle.  So I immediately scheduled an HSG for today.  I was very anxious and downright scared of the procedure.  Many of my friends who had it said that the worst part is when they inject the contrast/dye into your uterus.  It apparently causes you to have cramps (more intensified than regular menstrual cramps).  I’ve heard recounts where friends have said they were the worst cramps they ever felt or that they almost ripped the vinyl off of the table.   And how do you think I reacted to the procedure?  It was uncomfortable, but it did not hurt.  When they injected the dye, I braced for impact, but felt it wasn’t anywhere as bad as the cramps  I usually have.  Plus the crampy feeling went away after a few minutes (if that much).

The good news is that they said there were no blockages at all.  So that means my next step would be injectible Gonal-F or other follicle stimulating hormone.  oy….

Lesson learned today:  Never underestimate your ability to get through something you fear.


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