Mama’s Favorite 15 Droid Apps…so far


I am officially a member of the smartphone community!  Yes, I’ve finally jumped out of the 20th century with my old Zach Morris cell phone (fully outfitted with a 4 function calculator!) and now am the proud mama of a Droid X.  Almost two years ago, my husband and I moved our Verizon account to a month to month account-all because we assumed we were going to switch to AT&T for the iPhone.  Months turned to years.  We never had the money.  We heard bad reviews from friends on AT&T cellular service in our area.  Finally, every few months or so there would be shushed gossip about how Verizon was getting an iPhone.  So after years of losing the privilege of getting a free phone with our account (every time we had a phone break, we’d beg our friends for any of their old phones to reactivate), we finally cashed in on the buy one Droid get one free deal at Verizon.  In addition, my husband’s job allowed for a sweet discount on our service so the data plans were not that bad.  So what do I think about jumping into the 21st century?  It is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!  It is making being a working mom and wife so much easier.  Here are some of my favorite apps so far:

1. Jortemy backup brain

Think of super DayRunner organizer running on electricity!  Can view by month, weeks, etc.  What is cool is that it syncs with your Google Calendar.  You can post appointments, celebrations, etc. and there is even a task list.  You can designate it to send a reminder to you 10 minutes before the event up to 1 week before the event.  I heard Astrid Tasks is also good, but so far I like Jorte better.

2.  Angry Birdsmy brain decompresser

Throw birds of different sizes and “special destructive powers” at green pigs stuck in glass and wood structures…what is not to love about that?

3.  Task Killer-keeps me from having to buy a car charger

Allows you to stop apps that are running on your phone that you don’t need running..saves battery power (which on the Droid is a good 5 hours if you are lucky)

4.  Retro Camera- turns me into a cool photographer

Allows you to take pics that have that 70s grainy effect on it (like above)…cool pics with the click of a button…gotta love it!

5.  Coupons-puts money back in mama’s pocket

Allows you to look up coupons in the area.  You can find a way to print the coupon eventually, but I heard many times you can just show your phone.  Haven’t tried that yet though.

6.  Google Sky Map-my star gazing tool

Helps people like me with bad eyes point at the sky and find constellations…was never able to do that before because I can barely see the night sky, even with my eye glasses.

Warning:  Neighbors will find your spinning 360 with your hands in the air at night in your driveway.

7.  Pandora-let’s me recreate my favorite stations from the 8th grade

Allows you to create your own music stations by artist/genre, etc.

8.  Shazam-Yes!  I can still be cool with music!

If you are like me, you barely understand what songs say anymore.  Lyrics are inaudible and the slang is not from your generation.  However, you still like the music.  Shazam allows you to point your phone to the radio/speaker when you hear a song you like, but don’t know who the artist/title is.  It will search and give you the info.  Suuuuuweeeeetttt!!!

9.  RunKeeper-my healthy disguise

Haven’t really used this yet, but once I pick up running, walking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding (and many more activities) it is excellent for tracking progress by GPS.

10.  Daily Biblefeeds my soul

Daily bible verses…feed your spirit people!

11.  CamScannerscan and file

Allows you to take a picture of something (sign, notes, text, whatever), it flattens it out and turns it into a file.

12.  Evernoteorganize info

Clip images, websites, text, create notes and then file/organize them

13.  Dropboxeasy file access

Send your images, docs, and other files from your phone to Dropbox and you’ll find them on your computer/laptop in your Dropbox folder.  Easy to use and manipulate.

14.  Barcodemakes me a savvy shopper

Allows you to scan the barcode of an item (while shopping), get info and find prices across the board for it

15.  Tagalog Flash Cardsgets me in touch with the motherland

There are TONS of flash card/language apps for almost every language if you are interested in learning.  It isn’t Rosetta Stone, but it is handy dandy!

…And did I mention these are all free?

What are you favorite apps?


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