The hair is falling! The hair is falling!

So I’ve taken a hiatus from any meds for the last two months due to the presence of two large cysts (about 8cm across) in my left ovary.  I already have tons of teeny weeny cysts in my ovaries and now I had to deal with those!  I think my tolerance for pain is very high because the RE was surprised that I wasn’t in more pain than normal during my ultrasounds.  After one month, one went away, but the other was still there.  So now it had been two months and I went in again for an ultrasound to find that they were now gone!  Well, not completely gone.  There was a remnant of one, but the RE said it would not blow up again.   During this hiatus, I’ve been continuing to monitor my symptoms which seem to be getting even more uncomfortable:  stronger ovarian pain mid-cycle and at the end of the cycle, stronger lower back pain, more fatigue, and what else?   MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT LIKE CRAZY!!!  Androgenic alopecia is what they call it.  I’m losing my hair on top and you can see my scalp clear from my forehead to the back.  The rest of my head has a healthy batch of hair, but the top is very thinned out now.  It seemed to have happened overnight in the past month.  I’ve been on prenatal vitamins for months and it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. 

Women’s hair loss is a very sensitive issue.  I have black hair, so it is very obvious to see my bright scalp exposed.  The imbalance in my body is manifesting itself to my outer appearance now.  I went to the hairdresser for a long overdue haircut and she recommend I do Nioxin treatments.  My RE today told me that I need to take Metformin as I’m obviously exhibiting an insulin resistance.  The side effects?  Gastrointestinal irritation…nausea, diarrhea, flatulence, etc….all the nice and flattering stuff.  We’ll see if it restores any balance.


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