New Year 2011…what does life have planned for me?

2011.  2011.  2011.  What will this year be like?  I can tell you for sure that I want two things for myself this year:  to be happily balanced and healthy.  2010 seemed to be a turbulent year for those two.  I’m hoping there is a rainbow after the storm.  I’ve contemplated making resolutions for myself, but I don’t believe in them.  I don’t believe in putting something out in the universe so that it will come true.  I have to have faith.  I have to believe that this year will be better.  I have to approach my life with spirituality and positivity.  I think too many times we live our lives focusing on “working” on our lives by setting goals, action plans, resolutions, etc.  Sure, I can make a list that includes exercise more, eat better, etc.  But I really think I need to take a step back further to the basics.  I need to change my paradigm.  I need to exist again.  My days are too scheduled.  I focus too much on “To Do”.  The end of my day needs to be filled with warm reflection of what happened, not anxiety over what I didn’t finish or cross off my list.  I can’t try to map out my year with resolutions.  What will happen at the end of the year if I don’t accomplish them?  I’m not saying I should lower my expectations.  I just think I should appreciate making each day an adventure, embrace choices we make, and enjoy the experiences that come our way.

So we’ll see what adventures lie ahead…


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