Don’t underestimate your purse…mine = a scrapbook of summer

Although it is late September, I’ve finally found the time to clean out my summer purse.  It’s the huge ugly beach bag that I used to haul everything everyone needed all summer.  When I first bought it at Target (on sale for $9.99!), it was a nice, conservative, plain, beige canvas purse with an orange interior.  Now it is full of sand, melted candy, loose change, and stained on one half with accidentally spilled fruit punch.  Because of this nastiness, I have been putting off cleaning it out.  Since the fall started, it was so easy to just pull my wallet and keys out of it and place it in another purse for a clean start.  I was dreading cleaning it out, but I was tired of looking at it in my closet…so gross!  So I took everything out…one by one…and laid it on my bed.  I made a trash pile (probably at least a hundred receipts and grocery lists).  What was left was very interesting…a scrapbook of my summer. 

The Accidental Summer 2010 Scrapbook:

Parks and Rec Guide to Swim Lessons

3 boxes of restaurant crayons (2 from cracker barrel…in Georgia)

an assortment of 12 other loose crayons

a map of Downtown Disney

1 Children’s Benadryl Perfect Measure dose for allergies

sunscreen:  we got this sample for free at WalMart

an old lipstick with two melted m&m’s stuck to it:  I know gross!  but my kids usually stick random things in my purse

2 Disney luggage tags

2 random kids white socks:  I think my child abandoned these midway in one of the parks at Disney

1 music store reward card

1 music store gift card:  At the beginning of the summer we got two piano books for my daughter, a Disney hits and a Camp Rock book…neither were played over the summer

2 sets of plastic fork and knife sets w/napkin…because you never know when you’ll need it out and about…especially at the beach

1 pediatrict dentist pre-filling instructions with my child’s scribble on it (probably used it as scratch paper in the waiting room)

2 Disney World buttons…one for 1st Visit (not mine, but for a friend with us) and another for Family Reunion

1 heart shaped Silly Band

4 tickets to the Aquarium

1 Walt Disney World Resort pen

1 Band-Aid

ticket stubs for the following:  Toy Story 3D, Cats and Dogs, and awww yeah….ECLIPSE!!!  We saw more movies than this, but I guess I actually threw the stubs away like I should!

2 furniture store business cards (from when I went looking for a new bedroom set…which I didn’t get!)

1 straw wrapper

I’m usually terrible at keeping memory books/taking photos (which I’m trying to all change through this blog), but when I looked at the content of my purse I realized I had an archive of memories in front of me.  We had one of the best summers this year and now I’m happy I have a brief snapshot of it. 

So what is in your purse right now?


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