Discovering PCOS after having 2 kids….my #4

I am mother to two beautiful children, 3 1/2 years apart.  It has always been our intention of having more when our life got a bit settled.  My husband was in grad school.  I started a new job.  When things got settled we decided it was time to expand the family.  However, after almost 2 years of trying…we knew something just wasn’t working out right.  After numerous trips to the doctor, bloodwork, ultrasounds, it was determined that I have PCOS…polycystic ovarian syndrome.  The doctor said “Basically you don’t ovulate regularly.”  Thinking this was something that has had an onset due to my age, the doctor informed me that I’ve had it all my life and that he was surprised I was able to have the other two without noticing anything substantial.  Things started to make sense.  I’ve been the poster girl for irregularity.  I can’t lose wait around my mid region.  I defy all norms on basal body temperatures, opk tests, fertility patterns etc.  I”m prone to type II diabetes. I know my mother tried for 9 years before getting pregnant.   They say it is very common…maybe 10% of all women have it.  Probably more because most of the time women don’t realize they have it.  The biggest symptom that drives me crazy are the metabolic symptoms.  I seriously had thought I was premenopausal.  The hormone imbalance is insanity.  I don’t look forward to the period of my life that I do go through menopause.

So what is my resolution?  Typical therapy for PCOS is going on birth control.  However, since I’m trying to conceive I’ve had to go to a reproductive endocrinologist…an RE.  They have put me on femara…which is used for breast cancer patients, and I’ve had to give myself an ovidrel shot in the abdomen.  Actually my husband did it…it wasn’t so bad at all.  I also have to take progesterone.   The only problem is that the femara/trigger shot/progesterone combo is not a permanent resolution….only a resolution to get my body to do what it needs to do…have a regular cycle.  If we decide to stop, then I’ll have to look at staying on birth control to keep my hormones in balance. 

So we’ll see.  I’m trying to research dietary practices that can help keep my PCOS under control.  I’ve only come across a note that I should look into muesli for breakfast.  hmmm….  Hopefully God will let the right thing happen.  It is taxing to be constantly thinking about acronyms like ttc, dpo, bfn, bfp, opk, etc.  Crossing my fingers.

So that’s my #4….have another baby.


3 thoughts on “Discovering PCOS after having 2 kids….my #4

  1. I stumbled across your blog as I was searching for stuff about PCOS. I was diagnoised with it 5 years ago, when trying for my 2nd child. I too was told by my dr that she was surprised that I was able to conceive my first so easily. Good luck to you on conceiving your 3rd child. I too want another child, in a few years. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your support Jenn! I feel like I’ve received a master’s degree in women’s reproductive medicine overnight. I realize there was so much I didn’t understand about my own body. I have 2 girls of my own and am now determined to have real talks about how their bodies work, especially when they get to the age where they want to have kids. Good luck to you too!

  2. I was told i had PCOS after two kids and a tubaligation…….I am not sure how no one notices it before now. I had no problem getting pregnant so it has really caught me off guard to be told that I have this. Everything I have read just confuses me.


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