#1: Have a deluxe Disney World Vacay Part III-Lessons Learned

Some lessons I learned from this vacation:

1.  Don’t ever travel in the summer.  It is insanely hot in Florida.  The sun is like fire and it definitely affected the energy and stamina level of the group.  We had the dining plan and were constantly hydrating, eating ice cream, etc., but it was so dang hot…it made it uncomfortable to enjoy everything.

2.  Typhoon Lagoon and its simulated tsunami wave is awesome.  This is the best water park I’ve ever been to.  It looks like you are literally on a deserted island.

3.  There are tons of beautiful things to photograph at Disney parks and the resorts.  I wish I had my hands more free (they were busy handling tired and hot children) to just take pictures.  Here are some shots I took at the Animal Kingdom Lodge:

4.  Beware of the urge to get into the Disney pin craze.  Disney pins are sold at every gift shop along with lanyards and lanyard medallions.  There are pins for almost every character, theme, park, etc. as well as collector’s pins.  There are trading pin locations in different parks where you can trade with Disney cast members.  The pins were as cheap as $7 or so, you can also buy packs of pins for $30-$60.  I started the trip buying my just 2 cute unique pins and this is what I ended my vacation with:

5.  Although probably impossible, one of the best views of the Magic Kingdom nightly fireworks occurred for us by accident.  We happened to be riding the Speedway at Tomorrowland at the same moments the fireworks show started.  When we were in line on the elevated walkway when the fireworks started and could see everything without obstruction.  Then we were in the cars driving around when the bulk of show occurred.  It was the coolest thing ever!  The view while driving was totally free of obstruction.  My daughter was driving so I sat back and watched the whole thing.  It felt like we were right under the fireworks.  I was so in awe I didn’t think to bust out the Flip camera (darn it!).  So if you think you can time it exactly right…


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