#1: Have a deluxe Disney World Vacay Part I-Boardwalk Inn Resort

Okay, so this is a typical suburban family vacation, but we haven’t been to Orlando in 5 years.  When we went before, we stayed on International Drive, did the one park a day deal, stayed for 4 days, and saved money by primarily letting our kids eat while my husband and I starved ourselves!  Yes, you know you’ve done it too.  By the end of the vacay we were dehydrated, dizzy, and exhausted.  After that I said no way…never again.  I’m not going to push myself to the limits of needing a stay at the hospital and get an IV stuck in me.  So this year, thanks to one of my dearest friends, we were invited to spend a week at Disney deluxe style.  I’ve only stayed at one deluxe resort before…we stayed at the Polynesian for part of our honeymoon vacay.  But this time we were doing the deluxe resort + the Disney dining plan.  We stayed at the Boardwalk Villas which was absolutely beautiful!  Our room was a standard room with 2 beds and a back patio that opened out to the gardens.  The theme of the resort was old school Atlantic City.  So conveniently just a minute from our room we could walk to a boardwalk on the lagoon.  There were tons of restaurants, shops, and at night there were street performers.

What was absolutely lovely about the resort, was that it was walking distance to Epcot (literally probably a 5-10 min walk max) and/or you could take a water taxi ride to Epcot or Hollywood Studios.  Please note that the water taxi ride to Hollywood Studios would take 20 minutes or so because you made stops at the other Epcot area resorts-Yacht Club resort, and Swan and Dolphin hotel.  We only had to wait probably a few minutes to get on the water taxi.  Certain times of the day it would be busy.  But it was very convenient being at the Boardwalk for the water taxi since it was the first stop before picking up the other resorts.  Several times in the morning we saw lines of people at the other resorts who would have to wait for another water taxi because we were full.  I never saw that happen at the Boardwalk.

On the other hand, bus service was crazy.  We averaged waiting 10-15 minutes for a bus to the other parks.  The bus to Typhoon Lagoon/Downtown Disney would take the longest.  My friend’s family who came with us started to opt out of the bus rides and just drive themselves since it seemed quicker.  One of the things that I felt was detrimental to staying at the Boardwalk was that the buses seemed full because outside guests not staying at the Boardwalk were coming to visit the Boardwalk itself for the restaurants.  Also, sometimes there would be 3 buses in a row to the same destination.  I guess due to proximity of the destinations, the frequency increased.  Usually the buses were very crowded.  Keep in mind I went in June.

The accomodations were clean and spacious.   The gardens and hotel was very quiet and peaceful.  I think the location is convenient, but I’d love to be closer to the Magic Kingdom area =)  I’ll leave you with one of the Disney magical touches they left in our room after cleaning:


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