#3: Attempt to make jewelry

Many of my friends have now ventured into starting their own business making jewelry.  I love jewelry.  Do I wear it all the time?  No.  Why?  Because jewelry gets expensive.  If you get the cheap costume jewelry they will break, tarnish, fade, etc. over time.  Good stuff… I don’t have lots of time and money to shop for it.  I’m busy spending my shopping time buying gifts for kids birthday parties or buying the essentials like toilet paper.  So for part of our Juy 4th festivities (actually..July 5th), my sister and I ventured into making a piece of jewelry.  We went to Michael’s arts and crafts and were totally mind boggled.  This is harder than we thought!  …plus it was more expensive then we thought.  To my chagrin, my daughter already had lots of bead sets that we could also pick from.  We got some items of our own.

I decided on an aklet.  However, I won’t be surprised if I’m in the grocery store and the whole thing falls apart while I’m reaching for a jug of milk!


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