Playing with my new camera filter and a wedding day prank…

Just wanted to share a few photos I took recently.  I attended a friend’s wedding and was able to play with a new cross star 8 pt filter I purchased for my camera.  It was $19.99 from Best Buy and one of the salesman had told me that it easily takes illumination points and turns them into little starbursts in your picture.  I was curious to see if it worked and took the following picture at the church:


This picture is of the church ceiling.  I was too far to get the candles at the altar to turn to little starbursts.  My next experiment was at the reception.  I took the following at our table:


So I guess this was a pretty decent investment.  I think the result turned out pretty neat! 

And for my last bit of sharing, I couldn’t resist in posting this picture of a little wedding prank some of the groomsmen played on the groom:


The guests discovered this when the couple first kneeled at the alter!  However the groom noticed it mid ceremony.  Thankfully the bride and groom viewed it as all in good fun!


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