Just received The BlackBerry Diaries by Kathy Buckworth!

Am I ready to be BlackBerrified???

I have the opportunity to do a blog review of the book The BlackBerry Diaries by Kathy Buckworth.  So excited.  I’m a longtime Verizon Wireless  customer and have been toying with the idea of getting a blackberry phone…primarily to be my little digital “personal assistant” and tell me what I need to do.  I’m curious to see what her experience is like since sometimes I wrestle with the idea that “being connected may be too much”.  I already feel like a slave to my computer because of my job.  Although I think overall having a smart phone can possibly make my life easier, I don’ t know if being constantly digitally “on” will be exhausting to my brain.  I sometimes regret that I even have a cell phone.  For instance, today I was trying to take a nap, and of course 20 minutes in (in power nap terms that means right when you are setting into REM/”real sweet sleep”) my cell phone rings.  Then 10 minutes after that (in power nap terms that means right when you have crossed the line of being slighly awake and unconcious), my daughter started poking me in the head so that I could get her a drink.  Seriously, sometimes I wondering if my head will explode from the constant pulls of my life. 

But can a blackberry help this?  I’m going to start reading tonight =)


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