Setting off old age and crotchety behavior…aging process starts at 30?

I signed up for an 8K Mud Run for next month!  Am I crazy?  Yes.  I’m chronicling my workout here.  I do not claim to be a runner at all.  I am probably the poster child of poor endurance.  However, I am determined to fight old age from setting in early.  They say the aging process begins at 30 and I’m definitely feeling the pangs of it.  Everyone tells me I’ll start to notice issues with my eyesight at 40.  50 is when I’ll notice everything else is breaking down.  60 is when I’ll give up trying to keep everything from falling apart.  Is this true?  Here is what I’ve noticed already:

1.  I’m getting more lethargic and my body doesn’t “bounce back” as well as it used to.  Physical activity takes a lot more out of me.

2. Motrin is my friend...and is starting to become my new daily vitamin during periods of increased physical labor!  

3.  I’m more sensitive to food.  Dairy is a hit or miss thing.  The creamier the more upsetting…yikes!  Sugary juices…ugh.  Spicy food…acid reflux.  oh the crisis situations!

4.  Buddha belly is now permanent.

5.  Sleep isn’t always satisfying.  Power naps now give me a headache.  Unfortunately, I heard this gets worse as I get older.


So I’m determined to better my habits in eating healthier and exercising.  I think running is jump starting my body into behaving the way it used to without effort.  I guess that’s the root of the problem…in my 20s things were effortless…in my 30s I’ve got to give a little to get some back!


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