Gardening is so therapeutic…

I have to say gardening is so therapeutic.   I took some shots this morning of my garden after a light morning shower.  You can see more pictures in my Flickr album =)








This year I’m also attempting to grow tomatoes.  I’m a proponent of sustainable living, but with children and a full time stressful job I’m working at it very slowly!  I’m growing cilantro and basil (herbs are easy), but this is my first venture into actual edible vegetables.  Cross your fingers.  Hope the rabbits don’t get to them!



2 thoughts on “Gardening is so therapeutic…

  1. Believe me, I am probably just as lost as you are! If I panned out with my camera you’d probably see that these bursts of color in my lawn are the only good part of it! I think I’m coming along though. I think after 5 years of experimenting with what to do, this year I made some decent plant choices and arrangements. Maybe I should post some of my personal tips on gardening…hmmm…

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