Another use for the “corned beef can key”


Thought this was too amusing to not share.  My little one locked everyone out of her bedroom yesterday.  She had the light on, locked the door, and pulled it shut.  No one was locked in, so I thought it was a simple fix…I tried an unwound paper clip, wire hanger, credit card, and the screw driver from my eyeglass repair kit.  Nothing worked.  So I posted on facebook and here were my friends’ suggestions:

  • Take the screws out and remove the whole lockset.
  • Got a really skinny flathead to pop it or turn? That’s what I used to use.
  • Use the corned beef key! It’s in every filipino’s pantry!
  • yeah, this is why we have a really skinny flathead. sometimes, the bathroom door has been locked accidentally. hope you guys get in soon =).
  • use a butter knife at an angle hitting the strike plate
  • Ha Ha…I put all the door knobs on with the locks on the outside so my kids would stop locking doors. Then I have to fight the urge to lock THEM in their rooms 🙂
Yes, so the resolution was to get a long and skinny flathead screwdriver…push and turn.  Now I know…but I think now I’ll keep the corned beef can key around =)

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