New Kids on the Block…20 years later

Yes…I joined many women in their late 20’s/early 30’s and went to one of the recent New Kids on the Block concerts.  Was I a major fan during my junior high years?  Not entirely.  “Please Don’t Go Girl” happens to still be one of my favorite songs and I’ll always remember listening to “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” on casette tape and thinking of my secret crushes.  However, I can confirm that I wasn’t a fan of any of their faster tempo songs.  I did think they were cute however.  Joey was my favorite.  So why did I go?  Because I couldn’t resist the temptation to possibly be transported back to my teen years.   


The result of my pitiful quest to relive my awkward teenage moments when my future was a wild daydream of “maybe” and “what if”?  It was AWESOME!  HEAHEA!  Within minutes of them first appearing on stage I was reduced to a crazed fan.  I was dancing to their music like it was the best music in the world.  I was screaming at the top of my lungs like a little kid.  For a few hours, I forgot that the next day I would be back to my routine as educator, wife, and mom.  It was well worth it!



Some notable moments and observations of the crazy evening:

1.  There a few random men who were obviously dragged there by their wives.  They looked very bored and irritated just prior to the beginning of the concert.  However, during the concert it was obvious they were sneaking cell phone photo and video capture…heahea!

2.  There was a very boisterous lady sitting a few seats down who actually flashed the stage several times…and she WASN’T WEARING A BRA.  To top it all off, she was not in the most tip top shape and the “girls”  were aiming down at the waistline…yikes!

3.  There was a significant number of women who were proudly displaying signs and t-shirts noting that they were “butch lesbians who like New Kids”.  Very interesting!

4.  All 5 of the guys looked very exhausted by the 3rd song into the night.  With about a nightly concert line up, I applaud their endurance. 

Anyway, just found out that they are coming again to my area…and guess who is planning on buying tickets for it…heahea!


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